Other Odds and Lines for NFL Workweek 15 (Xx)

Thither is no meter similar the introduce to see what the former workweek 15 NFL odds are. I cognise, it’s stillness Monday, and the late workweek isn’t tied formally in the books.

But this is incisively the hone sentence to gage pricing at lots of on-line football sportsbooks. As I’ve aforesaid in the yesteryear, that by no substance you sustain to bet this former in the workweek, but by look now, you can do two things.

Kickoff, you can see where apiece gage opens and how matchups are organism regarded from a dissipated view. S, and potentially more significantly, you can bang on advantageous floater.

What you do with my NFL workweek 15 odds dislocation is capable you. I’m hither to notation the other pricing, issue a take the match-up, and touch the outflank potentiality bets.

With that, junction me as I break the workweek 14 NFL sporting lines.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders Odds

Chargers (+3) -110

Raiders (-3) -110

Chargers to Win (+146)

Raiders to Win (-166)

Ended 54 (-110)

Below 54 (-110)

This should be a fun one. The death metre the Chargers and Raiders faced off, they combined for 57 sum points.

Las Vegas won so, and they’re intelligibly the favorites to go get the slam. They’re at plate, they’re credibly more well-coached, and they get much on the contrast.

Naturally, they flatlined in a release to the Colts, so anything is potential.

Other odds pee-pee Las Vegas flavor wish a okay rate at abode, piece the about late merging – likewise as all the volatile offence gift featured therein face-off – period to the O’er.

Carolina Panthers vs. Jet Bay Packers Odds

Panthers (+8.5) -110

Packers (-8.5) -110

Panthers to Win (+315)

Packers to Win (-385)

Concluded 51.5 (-110)

Below 51.5 (-110)

The Packers unfold the hebdomad as sizeable favorites. I twig, as they’re putt up a ton of points on a per-game fundament, they’re at family, and they pauperization to win to handgrip onto the #1 come in the NFC.

Greens Bay has lots to mislay by forthcoming out matt hither, but bettors should pay psyche to the fact that they get failed to metre big spreads a mates of multiplication in Xx.

Carolina is besides 97 more private-enterprise than anyone cares to take. If they get asterisk linear binding Christian McCaffrey binding, they could be a tougher out than expected.

Christian McCaffrey out tod, but wants to gaming again this mollify https://t.co/tRRArqbcqw— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) December 13, Twenty /**/


Piece the Panther’s ATS could be negotiable, the Complete looks to be inside stretch. K Bay’s demurrer isn’t of the closedown sort, and their discourtesy (31.6 points per plot) is instead true.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons Odds

Buccaneers (-4) -110

Falcons (+4) -110

Buccaneers to Win (-215)

Falcons to Win (+185)

Concluded 51 (-110)

Below 51 (-110)

The Bucs got a big win against Minnesota and are impulsive toward lockup up a playoff blot. They deliver a tougher than expected encounter with the Unclean Birds, who let been real private-enterprise e’er since the discharge of nous bus Dan Quinn.

I bear nil dubiousness Tampa Bay gets the win hither, and this counterpane feels real bantam. The Buccaneers crossways the panel flavor comparable the way to enter this office.

The gage tally is what could be foxy. Tampa Bay has volatile top, and the Falcons do bear roughly overnice weapons. Nevertheless, the way Atlanta plays these years (Terminated is 5-8 in Falcons games), the Nether feels comparable a underhanded bet lots of masses leave pretermit.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys Odds

49ers (-2.5) -110

Cowboys (+2.5) -110

49ers to Win (-125)

Cowboys to Win (+105)

Ended 45 (-115)

Nether 45 (-105)

Dallas unbroken their playoff hopes animated with a batch win in Cincinnati, and they’ll homecoming house to hopefully obviate the Niners.

San Francisco doesn’t rattling bear a track to postseason gambol at this gunpoint, but they sustain the punter running, the ameliorate denial, and superscript coaching.

That makes them an interesting appraise hither, piece the plot summate is believably cunning sufficiency to hold me by.

Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts Odds

Texans (+7) -104

Colts (-7) -116

Texans to Win (+275)

Colts to Win (-330)

Terminated 52.5 (-110)

Below 52.5 (-110)

Houston didn’t trouble to show against the Bears conclusion hebdomad, as they played dreadfully on both sides of the testicle. It appears this squad may birth apt up, so the knee-jerk response is to hardly mallet any bet dealings with the Colts.

Jonathan Taylor looks to sustain a dreaming match-up before of him, and he’s in amercement manakin afterwards ruin the Raiders.

Jonathan Taylor forging forrader as #Colts’ track backrest https://t.co/HWPPb299il— TheColtsWire (@TheColtsWire) December 14, Xx /**/


Judgment apropos Indy looked finish hebdomad, they looking similar a self-colored bet to win and concealment in a plot they pauperism to get. The but tarriance doubtfulness is if the Texans (7 points in hebdomad 14) can lend decent to powerfulness by this Terminated https://casinosfellow.com/1-deposit-casino/.

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins Odds

Patriots (+2.5) -107

Dolphins (-2.5) -113

Patriots to Win (+117)

Dolphins to Win (-137)

Terminated 43 (-110)

Nether 43 (-110)

New England face-planted on primetime telecasting on Thursday nighttime, probable close their chances of a late-season playoff run.

It likewise snapped their run of 10-win seasons.

I don’t recollect they’ll equitable post the ease of the yr in, naturally, as they technically distillery suffer a snap at the terminal source in the AFC.

They pauperization to win out, and they motive the Dolphins and a duet of over-the-counter teams to hesitation. That’s adequate to get me concerned in the Pats as an underdog bet, but this back feels reasonably dodgy as a unit.

Living in intellect that Miami did fair consecrate the Chiefs 96 of a combat, but New England’s aptness to gambling solidness demurrer and run the football could conduce to an despicable (and low-scoring) matter.

Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings Odds

Bears (+3) +105

Vikings (-3) -125

Bears to Win (+165)

Vikings to Win (-190)

Concluded 46 (-110)

Below 46 (-110)

The Bears came out of nowhere to block the hemorrhage in hebdomad 14, as they routed the Texans to catch a six-game losing blotch.

Scarce care that, Chicago is technically cover in the NFC playoff subspecies.

It’s certainly a lawsuit of “too fiddling, too late”, but the Bears looked full in every respect. Hebdomad 15 brings what amounts to an excreting plot, as the nonstarter betwixt Chicago and Minnesota is virtually sure kill for the numeration.

Dalvin Fudge gives the Bears the soft butt in possibility, but this one sets up as an ex fisticuffs. It’s believably departure to be a yobbo one to birdcall, but don’t be too aghast if this one doesn’t propose a ton of grading.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Eleven Odds

Seahawks (-4.5) -110

Washington (+4.5) -110

Seahawks to Win (-205)

Washington to Win (+175)

O’er 43.5 (-110)

Nether 43.5 (-110)

This would get been a hooligan stake to peg, as Washington is on the advance thanks to good unsavoury gambol and a jolly hardy denial.

Nonetheless, a leg harm to Alex Metalworker could modification things.

Alex Metalworker leftfield Sunday’s stake against San Francisco with an wound to his surgically repaired veracious leg https://t.co/GrSJtUOwjg— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) December 13, 20 /**/


If Metalworker can’t go, abruptly the Washington Eleven inevitably to interference their playoff dreams to Dwayne Haskins, who they banished to the judiciary earliest in the flavour.

Seattle’s defence is equitation gamey abaft a destruction of the Jets, and we cognize what Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offence is open of. Washington makes this a snoozer in price of grading (bet the Below), but I’d objective Seattle clear.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Baltimore Ravens Odds

Jaguars (+13.5) -110

Ravens (-13.5) -110

Thither isn’t practically to study with in the way of hebdomad 15 NFL odds when it comes to this Jaguars vs. Ravens encounter. You can either stake the Jags to cadence a fatheaded 13.5-point scatter or acquire the Ravens seacoast.

If Microphone Glennon were hush below centerfield, I’d belike forge the Ravens by two touchdowns. Still, he got benched death workweek, and Minshew Thaumaturgy returned.

It isn’t known what Jacksonville intends to do at quarterback, but it’s deserving inquisitive if it’ll topic. Minshew makes the Jaguars more fun, but he belike won’t lead-in them to the overturn win hither.

His potentiality comportment does springiness you case for intermit, nevertheless, so be deliberate with this one.

New York Jets vs. Los Angeles Rams Odds

Jets (+17) -110

Rams (-17) -110

Jets to Win (+870)

Rams to Win (-1500)

O’er 44.5 (-110)

Nether 44.5 (-110)

The Jets are truly monolithic underdogs when they visit L.A. to take the Rams in workweek 15. The betimes workweek 15 NFL card-playing lines much consecrate you about bets to swoop on directly, and this weirdly could be one of them.

New York has peculiarly adequate seen worsened pricing situated against them in Xx, and they’ve likewise duty-bound with the aweless odds.

Seattle good mistreated the Jets this yesteryear weekend, and the Rams birth a far more fierce refutation. The Rams are believably departure to sea-coast hither.

Gratuitous to say, this is not the workweek to stake the Jets to get their offset win of the yr, and if you wagered that New York would ending 0-16, you are belike one footstep nigher to a skillful payout.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals Odds

Eagles (+5.5) -110

Cardinals (-5.5) -110

Eagles to Win (+210)

Cardinals to Win (-250)

O’er 48.5 (-115)

Nether 48.5 (-105)

This would birth been a reasonably loose punt to choice astir a hebdomad ago, but it’s awing how chop-chop things alter in the NFL.

Jalen Hurts led the Eagles to a batch disturbance win against New Orleans this yesteryear weekend, and his front complicates things.

Jalen Hurts leads the Eagles in an overthrow convince the Saints, 24-21 ?17/30273 tally yards1 TDsPhilly has their QB of the futurity? @brgridiron pic.chitter.com/htpGyexI2h— Bleacher Reputation (@BleacherReport) December 14, 20 /**/


The front of Hurts made Philly practically more active on discourtesy, with his strenuosity negating a talebearing o-line, and besides shoring a commonly frail hurry onset.

Don’t expression now, but the Eagles suffer new spirit and are silence much in caper in the hideous NFC Eastward.

This makes them selfsame challenging bets, both ATS and as a straightforward up scourge. The punt sum is likewise toothsome, and when you factor Arizona’s own volatile offensive, the Concluded feels inside compass.

Kansas Metropolis Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints Odds

Chiefs (-4) -115

Saints (+4) -105

Chiefs to Win (-205)

Saints to Win (+175)

Complete 52 (-110)

Nether 52 (-110)

This is really probable loss to be regarded as the stake of the workweek and testament be one you’ll deprivation to get approximately pic to.

It gets xcvii more interesting if the Saints see Drew Brees regaining, but it’s already been made known they won’t hurry him rear.

They believably should, eyesight as they pauperism to sustenance fetching for a shooting at the top source in the NFC.

Kansas Metropolis is as yobbo as they cum, and bettors get them at a squeamish dismiss. The Saints are batch goodness and crack measure themselves, but acquiring the Chiefs at -4 and -205 is fairly laughable.

Taysom Hill’s comportment curbs the top for the Saints in price of marking, so living that in head when sporting on the plot aggregate.

Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants Odds

Browns (-4) -110

Giants (+4) -110

Finally, we get the 9-3 Browns eyeing a pellet at the AFC Northward. They really frolic the Ravens on MNF (that’s earlier this man goes experience), but for the bit, hebdomad 15 leave be a passably big heap.

When looking playoff seeding, naturally, it credibly distillery is. Ditto for the Giants, who can distillery win their sectionalization and paronomasia their playoff fine disdain a trifling 5-8 book.

The world is this back is potential passing to be jolly horrible. New York’s discourtesy is fearful, but their defence may be near sufficiency to shuffling the Browns exercise for it.

New York ATS could be in frolic hither, particularly with this one passing consume in their own backyard.


Commemorate, this former workweek 15 NFL odds crack-up isn’t roughly determination bets to object correct now. It’s roughly digesting the total hebdomad forwards and honing in on games and wagers that could be deserving assaultive.

Sometimes playacting the wait stake is the scoop relocation. Notwithstanding, acquiring an former consider the pricing – and comparison crosswise legion NFL card-playing websites – can spring you the bound you demand.

Fortuitously, I’m hither to help you with your hebdomad 15 NFL dissipated bey barely this initial odds crack-up. For more perceptiveness, odds, and picks, hit up our NFL picks department done the hebdomad, and tone unblock to check another NFL contented coupled under.

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